IObit Malware Fighter PRO(含激活码) 中文版

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IObit Malware Fighter PRO(含激活码)是由iobit公司出品的一款反恶意安全软件。IObit Malware Fighter Pro 这款安全软件采用独特的“双核”反恶意软件引擎,实时保护和创造性的云技术,能够检测并删除所有种类的恶意软件、间谍软件、广告软件、木马、键盘记录器、机器人、蠕虫和劫持者等等,完全兼容所有的防病毒产品。不过这款软件其实效果并不是太好,只是界面什么的真心不错。

Obit Malware Fighter PRO 简繁体中文注册版是一种先进的恶意软件和间谍软件清除工具,检测,消除了最深的感染,并保护潜在的间谍软件,广告软件,木马,键盘记录器,机器人,蠕虫和劫机者各种 电脑。随着改进,独特的“双核”引擎和启发式恶意软件检测,IObit Malware Fighter在一个非常快速和有效的方式 检测最复杂恶意软件和最深切的间谍。
IObit Malware Fighter PRO(含激活码) 中文版
IObit Malware Fighter Pro 主要用于反恶意软件和间谍软件,可检测删除感染,并保护您的电脑远离各种潜在的间谍软件,广告软件,木马,键盘记录器,机器人,蠕虫和劫持等。
IObit Malware Fighter Pro具有独特的“双核”反恶意软件引擎,IObit Malware Fighter Pro还集成了创新的云计算技术,反应更加轻快,全面的实时保护,包括:启动防护,浏览器防护,网络防护,文件防护,Cookie防护,进程防护,U盘防护和恶意动作防护等。溜溜在这里提醒一下,IObit Malware Fighter Pro 不是杀毒软件,不要当作杀毒软件来用,其查杀率和病毒清除能力还是比较有限的,当做一款杀毒软件的补充,一款安全辅助软件来用比较合适。
IObit Malware Fighter 5.0 更新日志
+ Optimized IObit Anti-malware Engine – Scan much faster with lower resource usage. Detect and remove more threats thoroughly for higher security.
+ New Anti-Ransomware Engine – Protect your important files from malicious attacks and illegal access by third-party programs.
+ New Download Protection – Scan your downloaded files to keep your PC away from the malicious files.
+ New Camera Guard – Protect your camera from unauthorized use and prevent malicious programs from spying on your privacy.
+ Enhanced Scan – Strengthen the scan for Rootkit to protect your PC in all-round.
+ Optimized Surfing Protection and added Ads Removal – Protect your browser from various online threats and remove more annoying ads for safer and smoother surfing experience.
+ Optimized Plugin / Toolbar Cleaner – Monitor the activities of Plugins / Toolbars in real-time for safer and cleaner PC.
+ Optimized Update Process – Update database and product version more timely, stably and conveniently.
+ Brand New UI – Support high DPI displays & high resolution screens for better experience.
+ Larger Database – Support removing more latest stubborn malware and viruses.
+ Better Compatibility – Enjoy full-round protection on latest Windows 10.
+ Supported 34 languages.
* And more can be discovered by you.
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